Weatherization Tips For the Better of the World, Financially and Environmentally

During that period of the year where the temperatures are usually cooler, too cool in fact for comfort and even survival at some times, there is a need for a secondary source of heat in the house and workplace.

It is necessary, but it comes at a cost, both financially and environmentally as well. There however are several home weatherization tips that can actually reduce your dependence on these secondary sources, saving you some money and also saving the environment, even if by just a small margin, but a necessary one. It is unbelievably easy, and it all involves making your home literary “air-proof.” Here are some great home weatherization tips to guide you on the places to inspect and what to do.

1. Check the attic

The attic in many houses is usually a neglected room, and the room, which supports the comfort of most of the other rooms at the cost of its beauty. This is the place where you will find open spaces around saying plumbing pipes and electrical junctions among other things. The thing to do in such a case should be to seal these spaces completely to ensure that the warm air does not escape the house.

2. Check the fireplace

The use of the fireplace is letting the hot air out. They are thus great during the summer, but a terrible house feature during the winter. Try to seal the fireplace during the cold seasons. You may for instance, just shut the flue or if there is not one, just buy several chimney balloons and inflate them to seal the air spaces.

3. Vents

Dryer vents offer an easy channel for hot air to leak out and cool air to come in. There are several home weatherization tips for this field since it is also somewhat expensive. Usually, the bathroom exhaust fans come with an internal flapper damper that prevents air from coming in or coming out.

4. Around windows and doors

These are the most common places, which harbor air leak spots. Check for things like broken glass on the windows. You can also weatherstrip exterior doors and windows you do not intend to open over the period of the cold season.

5. Outside the house

You may want to plant some shrubs, flowers, and some other plants just around the sides of your house to keep the cold air at the bar. A fence made of organic material would especially be a great feature.

These home weatherization tips guarantee to save you quite a lot of money spent on energy to make the house warmer and more comfortable, and in turn save the world some more destruction, for a brighter tomorrow.


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