Does the Murphy bed have a place in your home’s remodel?

As a woman and a homeowner I am always looking for decorating ideas. For me, each room of my Tulsa, Oklahoma home must have a style that fits my personality as well as beauty and functionality and I have to say that some of yesterday’s charms really do have a place in today’s decor. Consider for a moment an old-fashioned laundry chute, Dutch doors or Tulsa Murphy bed.

My absolute favorites of the old made new again design features is the Tulsa Murphy bed. Currently our home is a three bedroom with the dining room remodeled into a playroom and a small office so I can work. Whenever grandma and grandpa or other out of town guests come over for a visit now they either have to go to a hotel or we have to kick one of the children out of their room. I think that a Murphy bed in the office or the children’s playroom would be a great way to allow a dual-purpose for either of these two rooms.

To me Murphy beds are the epitome of style, form and functionality. They can make a small room much more usable. I have even considered using a Murphy bed in the children’s room. With a Murphy bed the children would have the entire room to play and at bedtime a simple flip of a switch brings the bed from hiding for sweet dreams.

Since many of today’s Murphy beds are actually built inside of the cabinet rather than the wall they are somewhat portable making them a great idea for efficiency apartments or college dormitories.

These days Murphy beds are not the ugly or dangerous contraptions that they were long ago. Murphy beds can and are designed to look like a lovely cabinet that matches perfectly in your home’s decor. Murphy beds come in a huge variety of designs, colors and styles and can even be custom-built to order.

For more information about Murphy beds in Tulsa, Oklahoma please contact the experts at Cabinet Systems.

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